Brain Dynamics
Brain Dynamics
A Human Brain Knowledge based Company
Life Sciences and Health, Bioinformatics, Other Technologies
Antonio Garcia Linares, MD, MSc, PhD
Address: c/Severo Ochoa, 34. Bioinnovation Building. PTA
City: Campanillas - 29590
Province: Málaga
Phone: 34 951136978
Mobile Phone: 34 653 937 331
Short description
Knowledge Management on Human Brain Structure and Function both normal and pathological, through the creation of a database of multidimensional knowledge and the application of ICTs is this knowledge area.
Long description
Our company is focused in the study of the human brain and the use of ICTs technology to create solution to some of these diseases. This is we call an hibridation focus between the BIO and ICTs worlds, creating BIO-ICTs activity. We present the three most important areas of activity:
NASK (Neuro Asnswering Knowledge based system): We all clearly identify the need for knowledge-based tools for helping us to extract the evidence related about the human brain normal and pathological, and the importance of both teaching and research assistance.
All research groups, hospitals and companies in the pharmaindustry, neurodiagnostic and neurodevices, have a common need: to have multidisciplinary information, contrasted and meta-analyzed from scientific articles published in influential journals. To meet this need a substantial investment both economic (for the recruitment of high scientific-technical) and time (they are complicated and slow process to do).
Therefore, NASK enables significant reductions in spending on these items and shorter dedication time to obtaining the results due to be a Knowledge Manager about structure and function of the Human Brain both normal and pathological, which interrelate the most important data on this organ (papers, evidence sources, structure, function, genes, proteins, tractography based connections, functional studies, coactivation patterns, etc.) based on criteria of evidence-based neuroscience.
The continuous scientific and technological advances have led to dramatic advances in the field of neuroimaging. But to extract maximum information about the brain of an individual subject or population based studies are necessary high performance computing systems, qualified staff with knowledge and experience in various fields, and the use of complex software tools. This translates into high costs that sometimes are not possible to afford.
This is precisely our offer: the outsourcing of these services. Our technical resources, knowledge, experience, scientific and technical capacity to propose solutions and even design and programming of our own algorithms or software solutions allows us to offer all these services as SAAS (Software as a Service) model, deployed via the Internet and with the necessary tools to provide them: since telematic sending the images to our internet platform to the use of the ISO 27001 standard and the Data Protection Act.
Our experience in conducting studies on voxel-based morphometry MRI, studies in functional brain MRI, getting coactivation patterns and / or connectivity, tractography, etc., together with our proprietary algorithms that enable an important reduction of the error occurred when performing certain tasks (eg, segmentation whose error as the tool used typically ranges from 10-12% with our algorithms based on fuzzy logic have been diminish by half), or the processing times (for example, spatial registration of 2 studies of different subjects took us 5 minutes, 10 times faster than Freesurfer and 30 times more than SPM, both widely used in neuroimaging studies).
This enables our clients to forget the complex methodology and focus on the results of studies being performed by complex they are. And all at very reasonable costs.
Many topics covered in this area of knowledge, all of some difficulty. Classical neuroscience, neuroimaging and clinical applications, methods of exploration in-vivo of the human brain, and various opensource software tools that exist in the network (many of them commonly used in the methodology of neuroimaging studies).
Our range of training courses is extensive. Brain Dynamics also teaches courses in neuroimaging techniques, neurological and psychiatric training or about the information useful for families and caregivers related to the patient, for example in the case of dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease. And, if you wish, we can design a course to suit you.
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