Transnational Call 2010. Lead Markets European Research Area Network 15/3/2010
Transnational Call 2010. Lead Markets European Research Area Network The LEAD ERA consortium has launched a transnational coordinated Research, Development and Innovation call in the field of ‘LEAD MARKETS’.
The first LEAD ERA call is open to beneficiaries based in these regions/countries :
* Wallon region (BELGIUM)
* Veneto (ITALY) - Attention! - Please note that applicants from Veneto are no longer eligible.
* Lower Austria (AUSTRIA)
* Franche-Comté (FRANCE)
* Alsace (France)
* Basque Country (SPAIN)
* Navarra (SPAIN)
* Andalusia (SPAIN)
* Madrid Region (SPAIN)
* Western Greece (GREECE)
Scope and topics of the call
Within the overall thematic scope, ‘Lead Markets Initiative’, industrial Research, Development and Innovation projects will be funded under the following topic headings:
eHealth - ICT solutions for patients, medical services and payment institutions
Main areas: telemedicine / homecare and clinical information systems in the primary healthcare sector .It includes personalized health systems and homecare for independent living.
Protective textiles - Technical textiles for intelligent personal protective clothing and equipment
Clothing and other textile-based systems accessories whose main function is to protect the user. These high-tech products are used under very different circumstances such as by professionals and emergency services operating in hazardous environments or dangerous situations. It includes protective textiles for non professional activities (sports).
Sustainable construction - An integrated life-cycle-oriented approach
Sustainable solutions in residential and non-residential buildings as well as in infrastructure constructions are included in this market area. It involves for example efficient heating installations, in-door air quality systems, issues related to elderly persons' independence and new measurement systems of energy consumption and parameters linked to the building’s life-cycle. It includes too new methods and products to enhance adaptability of constructions to substantial technological changes, like moving from passive to positive house concept or integration of photovoltaics systems, for example.
Recycling - A key towards moving to sustainable patterns of consumption and production
Recycling plays an underpinning role by reducing waste, by reducing consumption of natural resources and incontributing to greater energy efficiency. In this broad and diverse area, a lead market potential may also be seen in electrical and electronic waste and the waste from the end-oflife vehicles.
Bio-based products - Innovative use of renewable raw materials
Industrial and consumer products based on renewable, biological raw materials such as plants and trees constitute the focal point of the lead market on biobased products. It also includes non-food new bio-based products and materials such as bio-plastics, bio-lubricants, surfactants, enzymes and pharmaceuticals. Generally there is a strong interest to find out where bio-based products can substitute products based on other raw materials. It excludes food, traditional paper and wood products, but also biomass as an energy source.
Renewable energies - Towards renewable energy consumption
Renewable energy is energy produced by regenerative energy sources like wind, solar, biomass, biodegradable waste or feedstock, geothermal, wave, tidal, aerothermal, hydropower, hydrogen and fuels cells.
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