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Descripción corta
Vircell is a microbiology company with global presence in the market. Since its foundation in 1991, its activity is based on the production of ready-to-use kits for the diagnosis of esoteric infectious diseases, by means of different techniques. Its international orientation can be seen in the worldwide presence of its products, in laboratories of more than 50 countries.
From the beginning Vircell’s major objectives are:
• To produce reagents of the highest quality.
• To develop innovative products that would bring significant advances.
• To maintain along the whole process a clear customer orientation that becomes apparent from the product’s conception to the after-sales service.
One of the Vircell’s differential characteristics is the in-house production of all the necessary antigens for the development of our kits. This peculiarity, even though requires from us a bigger effort, allows us to work with independence from external suppliers, guaranteeing flexibility and the total quality of our kits. We are proud that all the products of our catalogue are produced in our facilities.
Descripción larga
Vircell is a microbiology-biotechnology company which develops, manufactures, and markets ready-to-use kits for the diagnosis of esoteric infectious diseases. Our business culture is based upon our people, our high quality products, science, our know-how and support through R&D.
Since its foundation Vircell has three main objectives:
To produce reagents of the highest quality.
To maintain along the whole process a clear customer orientation that can be seen all the way from the product concept to the after-sales service.
To develop innovative products for obtaining significant advances.
We pursue to become a gold standard for the microbiology and biotechnology sector by developing innovate products and techniques for the diagnosis of esoteric infectious diseases.
In a two years time frame, we aim for a qualitative and quantitative major turn around to become an international company by consolidating our global presence.
Quality in our activity sector means a responsibility: Vircell fulfils satisfactorily with it from its beginnings, as it was one of the main pillars on which our business idea was established.
At present, the quality of our products is guaranteed by the fulfilment of an exhaustive quality management system, based on a modern and global regulation, ISO 9001:2000. All the R+D, production, sales and post-sales assistance operations are audited and certified according to this regulation. However, our biggest satisfaction is without any doubt the confidence that laboratories around the world daily put in us.
Since 2003, clinical diagnostic reagents must obtain the CE mark through the fulfilling of the European directive 98/79/CE for in vitro diagnostics products in the context of the European Union. Vircell works continuously to comply with this directive.
All Vircell products of Immunofluorescence, Brucellacapt® and ELISA are CE marked. Moreover, the company is implementing a global adaptation system to GMP regulation, necessary to obtain the FDA approbation.
Customer service is one of the basic pillars upon which our business idea is based. For this reason, we count on a department which offers technical and scientific support to our customers. The main task of this department is to solve technical problems that may appear in the daily work of the laboratories using our products. The expert team that constitutes this department is highly qualified and is able to solve on line and very shortly any question related with the application of the techniques and the use of our products.
Vircell also counts with a section dedicated to give courses about the Applications of Cell Culture in our local distributor’s facilities. These courses are theoretical and practical, and are completely adapted to our customer’s necessities. This fact allows that our final customers can work with independence achieving the best results.
Research & Development
Vircell dedicates its biggest efforts to the development of new products. In the last years around a 15 per cent of the total sales has been invested in Research and Development.
All the research lines of the company are aimed at the development of tests for the detection of infectious diseases. The different departments involved in this task are Molecular Biology, Immunology and Rapid Test.
The main R&D lines of the company are:
- Speed-oligo. In our own facilities, we have developed a new technique which gathers all the advantages of Molecular Biology, in a rapid test. Speed-oligo is based on a PCR technique coupled to a rapid test, for an immediate detection which is highly sensitive and specific. Our Research team developed the first tests for identification of Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila y Chlamydophila pneumoniae in 2007. Just recently we have increased our range of Speed-oligo tests, with products for detection of Group B Streptococcus and Mycobacteria among others, and we continue our work for the development of new references. For more information please check our product catalogue.
- Production of recombinant antigens for their application in different diagnostic tests. In order to improve the quality of our antibody detection tests, our Molecular Biology Laboratory is developing several programs for the use of recombinant antigens in ELISA and immunocromatography tests.
- Immunocromatography test for rapid detection of antigens and antibodies. Over the last few years we have investigated and developed several immunochromatographic tests for antibody detection, among which we could remark our test for serological markers of EBV virus. At present, Vircell is working on the development of a test for detection of tuberculosis in serum, plasma and blood, in cooperation with the Statens Serum Institute (Copenhagen, Denmark) and other research centers and hospitals outside the EU, withing the frame of a project financed by the European Community.
- Chemiluminescence test. Chemiluminescence is based on the release of electromagnetic radiation as light from a chemical reaction. It has given place to a new generation of assays (CLIA for ChemiLuminescence ImmunoAssays) with very low limits of detection for analytes.
These assays will benefit from the high sensitivity of CLIA, enabling to decrease incubating times for faster tests. The incorporation of chemiluminescence in future random access systems for infectious parameters is also under development.
Our company maintains a close contact with Universities and other Research Centres. Vircell is also opened to any co-operation with other companies or research groups for the development of new products.
Local Clinical Researches or Product Performance Evaluations
Vircell foundations are based upon scientific knowledge; we claim that accurate diagnosis relies on science. Therefore in order to improve the quality of our products and sustain our innovative programs, we established a continuous advisory program to contact the most prestigious specialists on the field to test and validate our portfolio.
We are proud to count with world-renowned doctors and scientists who, over the past 17 years, have conducted clinical and research studies using our products in prevalent areas. Evaluations follow the most exhaustive scientific protocols and prestigious Reference Labs and Centres for Disease Control are using Vircell kits. This fact helps us guarantee the quality of our brand and allow us to shape the future direction and development of our company’s R&D projects and technologies.
We strongly believe that knowledge should be shared among the scientific community, from medical and microbiology schools to scientific congresses, workshops, etc. Therefore with the invaluable assistance of our partners network around the world we pay particular attention to promote the diffusion of major findings, with the only objective in mind to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis, the medical treatment and finally but most important the quality of life of the patients.
At present Vircell offers more than 200 references, all of our own production, grouped in different ranges. Our products are aimed to facilitate the work of microbiology laboratories as they are ready-to-use kits.
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