DMC Research Center SLU
DMC Research Center SLU
Biotecnología Agroalimentaria
Enrique Guillamon Ayala
Address: Camino de Jayena s/n 18620
Ciudad: Alhendin
Provincia: Granada
Phone: 34 958576486
Descripción corta
The main activity of the company is Research and Development of new products from natural origin.
natural antimicrobials, natural additives, etc and services for concrete sets of problems.
Descripción larga
DMC RESEARCH CENTER S.L. is a company founded in February, 2005, from the previous DOMCA,
S.A. Research and Development Department, set up in 1993.
This company is divided in 3 departments: Microbiology, Chemistry of Natural Products, and
Applications, with the corresponding laboratories, as well as a pilot plant of biologic and chemical
reactors, and a production plant.
The current staff consists of specialists with experience in different matters, shaping thus a
multidisciplinary team with pharmaceutical training, chemical engineering, food technology, biology
and chemistry.
Its principal working lines are:
1.-.Research and development of products from natural origin (vegetable or microbial), with
biological capacity.
2.- Development of natural antimicrobials with a wide spectrum (antibacterial and antifungal) as
preservatives in the food industry.
3.- Selective products against specific emergent foodborne pathogens (i.e. Listeria monocytogenes).
4.- Natural additives as substitutes of the antibiotics used in animal feeding growth-promoters.
5.- Application of antagonist microorganisms for the control of diseases in post-harvest.
6.- Study of different supports for the dosage of the developed active principles and their inclusion in
the appropriate systems.
7.- Development of natural products for disinfection of environmental industrial premises, as well as
farming treatments (pre- and post-harvest).
8.- Study of potential applications in pharmaceutical industry, due to the antiviral power of some
products developed.
9.-Advice services for concrete sets of problems, with personalised studies and search of solutions
for different sectors of food industry.
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