Against the cardiac crisis and the cutaneous recession
Biomedicina, Biotecnología Agroalimentaria
Vicente G. Villarrubia
Address: C/ Sauce 28
Ciudad: Jaén
Provincia: Jaén
Phone: 34 953223287
Mobile Phone: 34 637747882
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First private Spanish company dedicated to the Research, Development & innovation of olive oil and products from organic olive oils to be applied in Medicine
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The team
Bioaveda was founded in 2005 by a selected group of spanish researchers belonging to the fields of Agriculture and Medicine; it was the first company of our country (Spain) dedicated to the Research & Development of olive oil.
Its main founder, Vicente G. Villarrubia, MD, PhD, has a long familial tradition in the world of olive oil production (photo 1). After more than 25 years dedicated to Immunology Research, with some interesting collaborations with two of the best USA investigators in the fields of Immunology and Dermatology: Dr. Michael A. Chirigos (he was Deputy for Science and Researcher at the Army for Infectious Diseases) and Prof. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Villarrubia decided to return to his “olive oil” origins, and decided to transform the traditional methods of olive culture, methodology of olive oil extraction, as well at its application to humans with several inflammatory diseases.
Bioaveda´s team is now composed by Agriculture Engineers, and by well known Spanish researchers in the fields of Immunology, Nutrition, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Nephrology and Dermatology.
The President of Bioaveda is Maria Teresa Jódar Mejía (Dr. Villarrubia´s wife), who one lovely day said to her recent husband: “Vicente, our olive oil merits to be much more investigated”.
The methods
Bioaveda has its own research in:
1. Field: Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development. Short and well-controlled traceability (photos 2-3)
2. Olive mill: olive oil extraction with methodology of low oxidative impact
3. Chemistry: conventional analysis for olive oil, and detection of pesticides and other pollutants
4. Bottled: dark bottles protected against light
5. Health: ex vivo and in vivo studies in humans
The results
We only produce organic extra virgin olive oil, which means the top category of olive oil:
? First unique extraction
? Real cold extraction, and protected from light exposure
? Chemically analyzed
? With double security Certification
? Without pesticides, herbicides or other endocrine disrupting chemicals
Our first commercialized organic extra virgin olive oil (“oHo”) (photos 4-5) has impeccable & attractive colours, aromas and flavours.
Besides our own scientific publications, Bioaveda has received much attention by our Spanish mass media newspapers (El País, ABC, Chanel 2 TV, and many other local-Andalousian TVs and newspapers).
Bioaveda is now receiving public economic support coming from the Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa, Junta de Andalucía (Spain).
Bioaveda has promoted the creation of an Andalousian Research Group dedicated to the study of Inflammation, Renal and Cardiovascular diseases, and olive oil.
Our products
Our first olive oil “oHo” is a Master Formulation (scientific mixture) of several Spanish organic extra virgin olive oils. It was launched in 2008 (photos 4-5).
Its main biologic activities in patients at the highest risk of cardiovascular disease (chronic kidney disease and elderly) are:
? Increases HDL cholesterol (the so-called good cholesterol)
? Favor albumin absorption from the diet
? Decreases constipation
? (other discoveries are now submitted to patent application)
A recent pilot study has shown the ability of “oHo” (when orally taken) to ameliorate Atopic Dermatitis and dry skin in children and adults who were habitually consumers of conventional olive oils.
Just now, Bioaveda has investigated and elaborated 3 Dermocosmetic Products for the topic application in persons with Atopic Dermatitis, skin Hyperqueratosis and aged skin. They are composed by “oHo” in combination with other natural substances.
Bioaveda´s products are generally recommended by our Spanish physicians.
“oHo” has been recently register at USA (photo 6) and other European countries. We want to initiate its international commercialization in the course of this year. For this reason we are looking for partners in this area.
We are now preparing a best web page in English; anyway, we are at:
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